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We have fallen head over heels for Twister, a really soft cake-yarn with beautiful color transitions, that develop into festive, subtle or crazy wild color combinations. If you crave a treat, you should know that “cake” is just a term for the way the yarn is packaged. Our own Twister excels by being twined which makes the yarn easy to work with. The amazing colors unfold as you go and it is a true pleasure to watch the slow transitions of the colors. Here you get a whopping 1094 yards (1 km) of yarn and one skein is enough, if you wish to knit or crochet a shawl or a scarf. The fabulous cotton is combined with acrylic which adds a lighter and more solid end result. Twister is perfect for shawls and scarves, but it has a lot of potential uses. It is easy to care for since it is machine washable. Please note, the yarn is tied together with a small knot where the threads change colors. Generally, you use more yarn for crocheting than you do for knitting. So you might experience that you cannot use the entire skein when knitting e.g. a shawl. Of course, it depends on the project and the pattern, you choose. Normally, it is not a problem to have too much yarn, but please consider, if you prefer to start with the thread from the center or from the outside part of your Twister cake-yarn skein when starting on your project. You can combine it with a one-colored Twister for e.g. an edge on a shawl, for sleeves or for a rib edge on a blouse or a poncho. Check out Twister Solid right here. Twister 55% cotton 45% acrylic Blend 250g or 1000m 3 1/2 to 4 mm crochet hook suggested


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