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The Rainbow Snail


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The Rainbow SnailThe story of an ordinary snail, who finds out he’s not so ordinary after all.The Rainbow Snail and the Bully BugWhat will happen when a Bully Bug lands in the Rainbow Snail’s garden and starts to wreck everything in sight? The Rainbow Snail Finds a FriendWhen a strange little snail lands in the Rainbow snail’s garden what will happen to him and who will welcome him into their world?Robyn Neil was born in Melbourne in 1961. From early childhood she had a passion for drawing which continued on until High School. After leaving Technical College she worked at RMIT before leaving to raise the first of her five children. During that time she put her love for drawing on hold while intermittently working in office admin, as a colour consultant and other assorted jobs before unexpected circumstances led her to take up her love of drawing again.Robyn lives in a boisterous household with her four boys and enjoys regular catch ups with her daughter and grandson. Her interests include, collecting antiques, watching old movies. and the more recently acquired travelling bug.Robyn’s long term goal is to continue with more books in the series, with the hope of empowering children to have greater self confidence, compassion, tolerance and understanding of each other.


The Rainbow Snail, The Rainbow Snail and the Bully Frog, The Rainbow Snail Finds A Friend