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Scratch 4 magic unicorn :The amazing brightly coloured scratch art by Avenir is sure to keep little ones entertained. Scratch the special black paper to create pretty unicorn designs.Set includes 4 scratch sheets and a special scratch tool.Avenir scratch is more than just scratch, it offers DIY experience and fun for kids.Ages: 3+Product size: 23x23cmLaser sparkle scratch paper :Bring out your artistic side and create your very own sparkling masterpieceswith these awesome Laser Sparkle Scratch Paper Sets. Use the stylus to scratch away the paper’s black coating to bring your sparkling drawing to life.When your work of art is complete, move the paper in different directions to reflect light in a rainbow of colours.Perfect for children’s parties or rainy days and a great way for children to express themselves.This is the best quality scratch paper ever! Each pack includes:5 Art and Design Scratch Paper Sheets (A5 size)1 Stylus


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